7pm The Hot One

Ft George IPAAs Lynn and I left the Dig-A-Pony I said to him:

“Being there was like hanging out with a hot girl who knows she is hot: She can ignore you and she knows it.”

I had a Fort George IPA which was good. The atmosphere left a bit more to be desired. The music was too loud so it wasn’t a date spot but the lights were so low that dating could be encouraged. Or maybe random pickups. That’s not a bad thing in itself but since they aren’t doing things to encourage conversation and you can’t dance, the vibe is more: Are you cool enough to hang out with us?

And I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I do my best to not give a fuck about being cool for someone else.

I don’t even bother to blog here: I break open my Magic decks and start playing cards with Lynn, who looks antsy and in need of some fun. Turns out, he’s been here since 4 and is desperate for any form of socialization.

I don’t think good pubs should be like that. I think that they should be, on some level, about social interaction of some kind. If you’re part of the cool crowd who doesn’t need to communicate to get what they want, then hot damn; this place is for you. As for me…I think I like the Dig A Pony when it’s daylight and nobody is trying to be cool and not so much when darkness comes to smother humanity for affectation.

But that’s just me.

2 thoughts on “7pm The Hot One”

  1. Did you eat anything? Menu looks decent. No word on the website regarding drafts and bottles, though. It sits right in that neighborhood of shitty, hipster-ish bars along Grand. Maybe I should just take your advice and find a place that’s more my style. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. I didn’t eat anything and what’s more suspicious, the place didn’t smell like anything. By this I mean: Do you know how lots of places will smell like food-good or bad-when you come in? You can just tell by the spicy or greasy scents in the air that the odds are that you’ll get something good (or less good) to eat?

      Nothing here. Which is a little weird.

      That said, I wouldn’t hesitate to give it a go before the place took on airs and get some food. It may be one of those places that just has a Cinderella time, that after say 8, normal people should just go elsewhere…

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