Misc debris 2

First, we have the beer and food pairings guide from the Brewer’s Association. With all the crazy new kinds of beers that are made, I think that sometimes people forget that originally, beer was touted as being something that could be on a level with wine and paired with food, in much the same way.

I’d suggest that it’s a little bit like trying to chase the older brother who hasn’t realized that he’s not quite as cool anymore, but that’s just a personal perspective. The guideline is still useful and ought to remind those of us who tout beer as being a great drink what kind of angle we should take to the non-beer lovers, or less adventurous amongst us. Everybody eats food, right?

Next up, there was a really cool profile of Dogfish’s Sam Calagione at the New Yorker and I think it’s worth reading.

Finally, there’s 9.5 beers you should try this summer. Personally, I prefer to try all the beers but for some people that just doesn’t work out, so a list is a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Misc debris 2”

  1. I think some of the greatest beer experiences can come when you find that perfect beer with that perfect food, and of course the journey to find that perfect match is even more fun.

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