Happy 4th! Short post because….um, because!

On a recent trip to the Lucky Lab (NW version) I was able to try a few beers, and I dug ’em. The Pavlov stout was bourbony and good. It was also a surprise: no mention of that beer being kept in bourbon barrels was on the chalkboard.

Not complaining; just a surprise.

The Triple Threat IPA was on cask and I like it. I was reminded of the nice discussion I had on firkin ales a few weeks ago. I felt that this beer came across a little better: the hops were less intense, I thought, due to the lower carbonation and resulting fewer aromas, so if you weren’t a hophead this beer might speak to you.

Finally, I had the Zingerbeer; a nut brown w ginger instead of hops and I think I could make this! Which is super cool: I so often drink beers that I just couldn’t make without a hell of a lot more time, equipment or knowledge so to come upon one that, in addition to being tasty, was within my skill set to make, was pretty awesome. I’ll have to give that a go soon.


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