A visit to the bunker

I’d heard about the Beer Bunker from the staff at Bailey’s and I figure I’d better get on visiting before everybody knows about it and you don’t need the blog to tell you what’s cool.

Oh, who am I kidding: I will always be a vanguard of cool.

Ahem. Sorry. Let the power go to my head.

Bunker sampler trayThe girlfriend and I both had sampler trays and I can’t say that anything was particularly revealing beerwise.  The Monk & Mingus by Upright had the coffee flavors smoothed out by the banana flavor, Hoppy Belgian by The Commons seemed to mute the Belgian qualities to the point of Asking where is that? but actually made for a really drinkable beer.

Then things got weird. I mixed up the Rauch Weiss smoke ale by Gigantic and the Gravity Mountain IPA collaboration by Terminal Gravity and Double Mountain. Not sure how that happened but the IPA had a smokey quality to it that had me thinking it was something else.

Very confusing.

Anyway; the upside of the Beer Bunker is this: decent bottle selection and three serving size options (including a pint of Upright for $4.25, which is unusual because I’ve never seen it reasonably priced) so it can accommodate those on a budget, or those who just want to try a lot of different beers but not go home loopy. The space is a pretty open too and that feels nice. They’re clearly not quite done with the business yet so I see plenty of potential there to make it a more comfortable, nice space to get into.

On the down side, open doors meant I could hear the annoying muffler-free motorcycles as they roared past all too well, and they really need better chairs. But all in good time.

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