Amber #1, 2012

At least once a year I like to try and brew a few really drinkable beers. Nothing to crazy on the flavors and something that would be easy to deal with on hot summer afternoons. This plan might have been helped by some actual hot, sunny afternoons but so far, the weather has not been very cooperative in this regard.

Nonetheless, I have taken to making them, starting with an amber ale, which you can see to the left.  Not too shabby.

This ale has a bit of a yeasty nose, which is a little strange. Maybe I’m just too used to hoppy things now? I hope not. The nose isn’t unpleasant-a touch young bread there-so it isn’t offputting in manner. The midrange is a light maltyness and this isn’t a heavy beer at all. Definite sugars present though, almost something mapley.  It’s not cloying but it is a bit sweeter than perhaps the style asks for.

There’s a surprising dryness to the finish, which appears on the roof of my mouth and near the back of my tongue. It’s not offputting but it is a little unusual. On the other hand: that dryness might be just the thing helping keep that sweeter flavor in check. All in all, not bad. If there’s a drawback, it’s that the beer is so average that I’ve been having to bring in other beers so I don’t get bored with this.

I know that sounds like a negative but I’ve always felt ambers were meant to be something that one could potentially ‘overlook’ because they were just steady, easy drinking ales. That I happen to have the option to drink other flavors isn’t a negative: it’s the bonus of being a homebrewer!

Days later: I’m having the final beer to re-evaluate what I’ve wrote and yup, it all holds up nicely. I’d be proud to share this with someone, ’cause it’s pretty tasty. I’ll get the recipe up soon.

4 thoughts on “Amber #1, 2012”

  1. *too crazy.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels “meh” about ambers. There’s just not enough there to keep me interested, usually.

    1. But they are good for those long Saturdays and they work really well with a lot of food. A go to beer for me, for a while.

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