A Night At The Commons

Last night the OBC had an out meeting at The Commons brewery: I arrived early to help set up and got to chat a little bit with the owner, Mike, who was really cool and very kind to answer my questions about his beer and his brewery before everyone else arrived. I found out that there are ways to tell how carbonated a beer is in the bottle and The Commons is having their beer tested so they can deliver well bottled beer. I didn’t even know there were such devices: Science, once again, is awesome.

I also got to catch up with Josh, an early booster of my blog, now employee at the brewery and talk to him about what he was doing and why they went for bottling instead of cans. Turns out, some of their beers, like the Urban Farmhouse ale, are carbonated to the point where canning won’t work and bottles are less likely to explode, given the costs of a small brewery like them.  But cans also represent problems in non-Northwest markets. Not that it’s an issue for them (yet) but he has been told by distributors in the Midwest and Florida to not even bother with cans. The stigma cans have for being associated with macrobreweries has people shying away from them, I guess.

Finally, a brief word about the space; that brewery had a really nice vibe to it. It felt open and it still had that ‘new, shiny’ glow that new, shiny places have and was really just a nice place to sit down and have a beer. Go visit when you have the time, everybody is awesome and the place is cool.

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