I realize that I may not be telling anyone anything new but I feel like I want to pass along this information so you can warn your friends not to drink this crap.

There are some good fruit beers out there…I think. Not sure if I can recall anything that isn’t a lambic of some sort, off the top of my head.

Then again, there is the upcoming Fruit Beer Festival, so perhaps I’ll check that out and come through with some recommendations for next time.

Until then, ware the marketers.

2 thoughts on “Just…no”

  1. The “Third Shift” might be interesting…if they weren’t going to try to use it to undercut microbrews.

    1. It may still be interesting but I have a difficult time believing that a large brewery can make a product that takes the same kind of care that a craft brewery will.

      Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think it’s impossible but historically large companies churn out solid stuff for a mass market and smaller companies are able to provide the kind of QC that just doesn’t happen (for a lot of reasons) at a larger scale. I am all for a more affordable beer but at some point the quality is worth the price.

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