7pm The difference between men and women as I understand it

My lovely gave me a ride home tonight. As we rolled the windows down to let the breeze in she said to me, ‘Today is a good day for a Hell or High Watermelon.’

And that’s it, right there. I do not know a man who would like a Hell or High Watermelon. Even in 90 degree Portland heat.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t one, nor that men shouldn’t like a watermelon beer, or that women have to like watermelon ales. If the Internet has taught the human race anything, it’s that there’s something for everyone, you are never the only one and that people will defy your rules just to be a dick (but also because they can…or just don’t like stuff.)

I just have never met a man who would order a watermelon beer, beyond the first one. Even those men who would be so bold as to try the beer, wouldn’t make a habit of it.

Just like now: I am sipping on Bison‘s honey basil ale. It’s not bad; the basil isn’t overmuch but it is enough to keep the honey malts (and maybe actual honey) from making this beer cloying. It has a touch of that organic beer dirtiness to it though and that is always off putting for me. It has the right feel for the summer, yet I just don’t see myself ordering any beyond this one. That is partly because of the aforementioned dirt flavor and partly because this is a novelty beer. Basil isn’t really drinkable.

But I can see the audience for this beer: it has some very pleasing favors and it’s a very light ale. It’s there for the ladies. Which I think is great, because it means that the audience for craft ales hasn’t closed up yet.

The watermelon beer is for the ladies (sorta.) Some things should be.

2 thoughts on “7pm The difference between men and women as I understand it”

    1. I hadn’t really thought about matching that beer up with pasta. I’m not sure if the honey flavors would jive well with most red sauces but it might be an interesting experiment to find out.

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