Big Brew review

Last Saturday at Steinbarts the AHA Big Brew was held and I went down to check it out. There were a whole bunch of homebrewers set up and brewing away-I want to say maybe ten!-and I got to talk to a few of them as well as try some of their wares.

In addition, I got to learn some new tricks about when to add hops, the Coalition Brewing program, sanitizing and a lot of stuff on all-grain brewing, a method I’m interested in but not sure I have the time for.

Pretty sweet, really.

Oh, and the photo? Just so yo have something to look at.

2 thoughts on “Big Brew review”

    1. Well, I learned that you want to add hops to the boil when you have a nice head on the wort. Something about the oils binding with the acids and taking the head off the wort as well as being more likely to drop out for a clearer beer.

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