I bought this VI

Another bonus of having my Dad visit is that it’s a perfect excuse to redeem a coupon I’ve had for a free growler fill at Vertigo Brewing. It’s unfortunate that I feel the need to make an excuse but the brewery is waay out there (from where I am.)

On the other hand, Mike, the brewer in attendance was friendly and very cool. He showed us the work they were doing to bring nice tasting room into existence and mentioned the OLCC would be out Monday to let him know what requirements they had. Which is fantastic because now one could make a leisurely trip out there, instead of just a drive-by.

As for the beer I got: It was the bourbon barreled stout. Here are my notes, casually edited for readability:

This beer holds the bourbon back. You can taste it but it’s not the dominant flavor.
Not too dense on the stout, either but solid enough to give it some flesh and the flavors play off each one nicely. Really drinkable and it could go with other edibles: a nice difference between that and some other versions of this style which are very hard to pair with food.

I also had sips of Vertigo’s Nut Brown ale and their IPA and liked both of them. I tried the port-barreled porter and thought it was good but before jumping on a growler full, I think I would have needed to sit down and let it warm up. Still; the beers were all well done and if you get a chance to try ’em, do it.


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