Pale, completed

Said I’d post the recipe  so now’s the time.

Steeping grains
.5 lb 2 row
.5 lb simpsons golden promise
.5 lb C60

7 lb LME
also, made a 1 gallon, w/11.5oz LME mix, to add to end.
added it @ aprox 105 degrees, know the cooled wort will chill it fine.

7/8th oz hops from Amber dry hop Citra
1.5oz Crystal hops @ 60
1.25 oz Crystal @ 20

Final use of octoberfest yeast from Laurelwood

Initial Gravity: 1.072

TG: 1.02

FG: 1.029

Yeast pitched @ approx 78
2ndary 3.22,12, gravity 1.020
bottled 3.31.12

ABV: 6.77%

Second Beer:
Same as the first, except:
2nd use of Pacman yeast

Initial Gravity: 1.068ish

TG: 1.021

FG: 1.03

Yeast pitched @ approx 78

ABV: 6.37%


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