7pm I don’t wanna

I don’t want to do it today. I’m tired and have had a headache since 3pm. I forgot to do a Friday post and I’m sorry about that: I was on the road.

I’m having to endure mediocre rock hits of the 80’s. This may indicate to the regular reader that I am not at Bailey’s and that is precisely the case. I am visiting a new joint called Pints because it’s new and I want to see what’s up.

I got the Seismic IPA and it is not very IPA-ish. The nose is too malty and the bitterness at the end isn’t even bitter, it’s more dirty.

I am not happy. Not just because of this beer-which is not good-but because I am having to endure ‘Danger Zone‘ via the radio they have piped in.

I should not have to endure Danger Zone more than once a fucking decade.

This atmosphere is bad and they should feel bad. I mean, who is this for? Who is this place trying bring in, with their beer not to style and their Bon Jovi? Is this for business types who don’t care? Hipsters? The beer isn’t good enough for the beer crowd and the setting doesn’t feel social enough for the social crowd. There just isn’t any personality, to me, but worst of all: the beer just isn’t good. A good beer will overcome a lot of other misfires.

I need to go. Too late, I realize I’ve forgotten to take a picture. The bartender is nice enough; asks me how I liked the IPA.

Sigh. I hate being the bearer of bad news. I just want to go home. But I try to break it to him in a constructive way, what I felt was wrong (nose, bitterness, an unpleasant taste at the end) and let it go. He tells me he thinks their IPA is better than Walking Man’s and I just don’t know how to respond, except to say thank you for the service.

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