You know…that dunkel actually tastes OK, after another couple weeks in the bottle. The sulfur effect has been largely mitigated.

It’s improved enough that when I took it to the Oregon Brew Crew meeting last night my feedback was really positive. That’s great!.

Let’s hear it for dumb luck!

3 thoughts on “Addendum”

  1. Always good when a once-bad beer mellows out over time enough to be drinkable. I have a dozen bottles left of a juniper rye ale I made in December 2010 that ended up a gusher; your post reminded me it’s probably time to try those again and see if they’re any better now! Thanks.

    Also loving the Die Hard poster in the background of your pics. Cheers!

    1. It’s one of my favorite movies.

      I’ll be interested to see if something that was a gusher ended up mellowing out. I’ve never heard of such so it would be pretty cool to know.

      1. It’ll be a first for me, too. I made a promise to myself never to throw away any beer. This beer didn’t taste infected, so I’m crossing my fingers that maybe time will drop the carbonation enough to be drinkable. We’ll see …

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