Birthday Amber

But not my birthday. The girlfriend asked me to make an amber for her for her birthday, so I did:


I wanted to take a more interesting photo but computer lighting is awkward.

Despite the picture, I pulled this one off pretty well. The finish has just enough of a bite to balance it off but not so sharp I don’t want another drink. It’s got a solid amber color, it’s pretty clear and the citra hops I used are all over this beer, in a good way. The nose and the finish have a strong tangerine element to them. Which is excellent, because that’s what she asked for: an amber with citra hops. I hope this isn’t the best beer I make this year but if it sets the standard by which the other beers I make need to reach, I feel pretty good about that. It’s a good bar to try to get over.

Recipe is as follows:

Brew date: 1.8.12

Steeping grains
.75 lb 2 Row
.25 lb 6 Row
.5 lb Special B
.5 lb C60

7 lb LME
1.5 lb Dry malt extract, light

.75 oz Citra @ 60
.75 oz Citra @ 15

Rogue Pacman from Wyeast




Transferred to 2ndary on 1.5, added 1.5oz Citra to 2ndary as dry hop

ABV: 8.12%
Hm. Not sure this is as alcoholic as results state

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