7pm Transition Point

This is a real novelty: tonight, Bailey’s is not my final destination. I’m off to catch the glories of Andrew WK because…well it’s been a long time since I’ve seen live music and he puts on a hell of a show.

So I’m a short timer tonight, which is  the opposite of how I was able to approach last week.

My first beer is, sadly, a mistake.

New Belgium Cocoa MoleDon’t get me wrong, it’s super interesting: nose of apples and cinnamon, but the beer is New Belgium’s Cocoa Mole, which has a chile infusion to it. And despite the fact that I have gotten a very small glass, the spiciness of this beer is just wrecking my tongue. There’s a tiny glimmer of chocolate between the nose and the burning but it’s not nearly what it needs to be.

A friend suggests Ft George’s Spank Stout next. I say ‘OK’ and then he kindly gets me a taster.

It smells like wet cardboard and tastes worse. PLUS it has spicy burninating. What the fuck is going on here? Jesus. His Noodliness is punishing me for…something, I am certain. These are not beers I can get behind. If peppers and chiles are the future of beer, count me the hell out!

Seriously. Beer is meant to counteract spicy flavors. I have spoken.

This months begins my birthday  month; accordingly I will be more self indulgent during my Monday posts than I usually am. Don’t worry, come April, all will be well and I won’t be getting all up in my headspace during the other days when I post, I just want to give people a little lead in: I may get a little weird. Or more intense, anyway, than usual. As a bonus, next week Fuz will join me, so that’s pretty much a guarantee of good times on my end.

I’ll do my best to make it good times for you, too.


4 thoughts on “7pm Transition Point”

  1. I tried a taste of that Cocoa Mole the other night. I already had a beer though and my palette needed some cleansing. I did not notice the spiciness of it but it didn’t seem like something I wanted to have a glass of. I’m very much not a fan of New Belgium but I did have one of the Lips of Faith series about four months ago that was really good, I just can’t remember what it was called.

    1. New Belgium isn’t too bad as far as I’m concerned but this was one of those beers where even a short glass was too much. I needed a short short glass.

    1. I am a bit more sensitive to such things. Then again, you dug on that wee heavy last week and all I got was butterscotch in the nose–and I hate the taste of butterscotch. No idea what’s going on with me.

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