I bought this III

Sierra Nevada Ruthless RyeThis time, I’m trying Sierra Nevada‘s Ruthless Rye, which has a lovely peppery nose, and then resembles a fine IPA afterward. They claim citrus on the back end and I’m not sure I pick that up. Hop bitterness, for sure and I guess that since it’s not piney that citrus is the default. The rye might be contributing to that flavor though, because there’s definitely a dryness to this beer, not unlike white wine. So maybe I’m reverting to my muscle memory of what this resembles, instead of what is is? Hard to say.

It doesn’t quite have enough malt backbone. The rye is there but the hops jumps into the fray so quickly that there really isn’t enough time for the malts to establish themselves and present a counterweight to the bitterness. A pretty good beer, one I wouldn’t reject but not one I’d race out to get, either.

If it’s on sale though? Go to town.

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