Revisiting: Bridgeport IPA

bridgeport IPAAs one of the oldest craft breweries in Portland, Bridgeport is probably as well known as Widmer, at least around the Pacific NW.  What’s different is that Bridgeport is known more for their IPA than for a more welcoming style, if you will. Bridgeport can still run hit and miss but in the past few years, I have to give them credit for occasionally mixing it up in the brewing realm, even if they aren’t getting everything right.

The IPA has a solid, strong, piney nose. Surprising for a drink that’s meant for the masses. The bitterness doesn’t linger initially but it does start to stick around after a little while, offering  a solid bite. Still, that bite doesn’t seem to go overboard, even after drinking half the beer.

Then I realize: this is what makes it a broader, commercial beer. It’s got the initial sting of a NW IPA but not the lingering knockout of one.

But would I drink it again? Yeah, actually. It’s still a little thin but by golly it’s a decent IPA and should go on the list of ‘backup beers’. (Beers that, if all else fails, one gets because you know they will taste decent.)


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