7pm The Quiet Nights

I don’t notice it right away: some Magic players are in the corner and I give them the acknowledgement glance before heading to the bar to order my beer.

Boneyard IPAIt takes some deciding but I eventually settle on Boneyard‘s Notorious IPA. The bitterness (which is very high and sticks under my tongue like a pleasant gum I can’t get off my shoe) is driven back by the alcohol so this beer actually feels balanced, despite being an imperial: So, lots of hops, lots of booze. Still, I like it so no complaints.

But I still haven’t noticed the place. I have to sit down, make my greetings, sip a beer, take photos, get out D20s, before I start to acknowledge the environment.

It’s a quiet night at Bailey’s and I don’t know why. Maybe people are hibernation for the early winter? It’s strange though, after so many weeks of lively, bustling action on a Monday (a Monday? It just seems weird, even if true,) that tonight more people decided to stay home all of a sudden.

I wonder if that’s because of the cold or the fog that has settled in on the city. The morning was something out of Stephen King and the night was something out of a 30’s noir film. Or maybe it’s the oncoming Christmas holiday, bearing down on us despite most of our environment not feeling very ‘Christmasy’.

I sip the Boneyard and roll my shoulders: everything has been so busy, not even sleep feels relaxing. Maybe tonight Bailey’s is mellower than usual because the Universe is giving me a break. Not that I’d want to presume anything: presumptions like that can get your ass kicked on a lesser day. Let’s just relax and enjoy the night. There’s plenty of time to rest and plenty of work to do tomorrow.

Xmas stuff

With the Holiday Ale Fest in full swing (which I, though a streak of idiocy and overwork, will miss) I thought I’d share some stories my minions (thanks, Dad!) have found over the past few weeks.

First we have a Christmas ale ice cream. Which sounds pretty wicked, I have to say. The midwest seems to be a home of rather foodstuffs and ale ice cream seems to fall right in line with that.

Next, Paste magazine has ranked eleven Christmas ales. I have no idea what their criteria is, so it may well boil down to ‘Random person likes it’ kind of list but what the heck: some guideline is better than no guideline, and they do give some good information on the beers ranked, so you can make some informed choices.

And we’re a go for next week! A go for what, exactly, I don’t yet know but something will come up.