Drive you mild

Because 90’s alt-rock references always draw ’em in!


Don’t pay me much mind, I’m reading a book.

Something is just not quite right with this one. The nose has a tingle to it, that recurs at the end of the beer, as if the carbonation itself-which is too strong for this style-has made its way into scent form.

It also may be that I needed to drink this a little sooner; milds are ‘short time’ beers, meant to be brewed and drank fairly quickly.

I’m certain that I didn’t need to add any yeast to the priming syrup, as the carbonation comes on far, far too strong when I open the beer. The picture doesn’t show it but when the beer is opened, I have to pour it very gently and right away, or else the bottle overflows with foam. Things settle down pretty fast but I believe I overdid it and now it’s time  to scale back a little. It may be a summertime thing, where the weather is warm enough I don’t have to prime the beer as much, it may that I’ve been giving the bottling yeast a little too much of a head start.

The effect is pretty drying though and it goes pretty well with food, since as a mild the flavor profile isn’t very strong; a bit of malt, then it wipes itself away and I’m ready for the next bite. I’ll list the recipe and maybe next time, I’ll have a stronger beer.

Seems like something went wrong with my recording process too, but I believe I can blame the dying battery on my laptop for this one, sadly.

Steeping Grains
.5 lb C 120
.5 Domestic ESB

Fermentable sugars
6 lb LME

1.25 oz Hallertauer
.25 oz Summit @ 60
.75 oz Columbus @ 10

.5 tsp Irish moss@ 5
Wyeast 1768, English Bitter reused

OG: 1.05
FG, TG: not recorded

Steeping a bit hot-160-and sparge a bit cool-145ish

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