Chamomile 2+3

You can read about #2–the lighter beer in this photograph-here.

chamomile brewsBut #3, seems to have no nose to it at all. From a  flavor perspective it doesn’t ring any serious bells-nothing seems off or weird. It’s a little less sweet, which I think is a good thing.

However, the mouthfeel is improved. There’s something just a little bit silkier about it, which is a nice effect. I dig on the result and I think it’s  a definite plus for certain styles, especially darker ones.

Essentially, I think toasting the oats will become part of making this beer and is something I’m going to keep in mind for my future stouts. Here’s the recipe:

Brewed: 8.17.11

Steeping Malts:
1 lb Toasted Oats (toasted for 15 min @ 150)
.5 lb Pils
.25 lb C60

7 lb LME

Hops and adjuncts:
1 oz Ahtanum @ 60
.5 oz Hallertauer @ 60

1/8 tsp Grains
1/4 Corriander
3/4 tsp Bitter orange
1 tsp Orange peel
2.25 oz Chamomile all at 10 min

Yeast: Final use wit yeast, Wyeast 3944

OG: 1.062

TG: 1.011

FG: 1.02

2ndary 9/1
Bottled 9/11/11
Used 1/2 tsp yeast for bottling

ABV: 6.67%

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