homebrew chamomilesThese are two chamomile beers I made–wits, they are not. They should be; the elements are there, but I am about 99% certain I chose a standard ale yeast for these beers instead of a proper wit one. Live and learn.

Still; it’s clear just from the color that one is different from the other and this is because I used darker malts in one.

The darker ale also has less chamomile in it. At the very least, the impact of the chamomile is milder and the nose tilts towards a honey-clover scent.

The lighter beer has something close to an herbal sweet/slightly going banana scent, and the finish is all chamomile. It also has a stronger head on it and what seems to be more carbonation throughout the life of the beer.

But both seem to go well with the chicken curry dinner I’m having so no complaints.

Normally, I’d post a recipe but I’ve got one more chamomile ale that I just bottled, and I’d like to see how that turns out before posting a general recipe.

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