Lager Yeast Discovered

If you want the short version of the story, the BBC has you hooked up.

However, a lengthier and more interesting article (because it has more questions than answers) can be found at Digital Trends.

I’ll be away for PAX this weekend, so there won’t be another post until Monday, when I start the new Monday theme. The usual recuperation week of news stories and beers I drank in Seattle will follow.


2 thoughts on “Lager Yeast Discovered”

  1. To answer the question you asked me ages ago and I totally forgot about until I saw this– yes, I’m leaving tomorrow on the 8.30am train for PAX.

    1. Oh well, super cool! I don’t know what you like to play or if you’d like to meet but I’m also leaving tomorrow (except I’m driving) but you can find me either via the Twitters (!/Grotusque) or at gentleman.villain@gmail if you wants.

      But either way, have fun!

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