Whatever You Say #44

“I give Hi-Fives for a living.”-Wyatt

A few weeks ago, I was at Beermongers and Josh said to me, “So, you should come in on a Monday. There are people coming in playing Magic on Mondays.”

And I like to play Magic. On top of that, I’m a bit tired of wandering. I’ve been moving from place to place for years now and I’m not sorry for my travels. I am tired, though of going into new places and being the stranger and so tonight is my last night on with this theme for a little while. I have heard great stories and I’ve drank terrible beer alone.

So I’m at Beermongers to ask a stranger what they are drinking, and if they would like to play a game.

Instead, I end up talking to Wyatt, was having an Oskar Wee Heavy but was interested in the Shmaltz & Terrapin Reunion ale so I order that. Except apparently I misunderstood and he wasn’t interested in that beer.

So, here’s what I’m dealing with; an interesting fellow who’s into yoga, wants to talk to me about making beers with marijuana and psychocybin mushrooms, has muscles that look like pouches of gravel under his skin and at one point gleefully and with a gleam in his eye tells me that he likes taking off his shirt.

So…it’s a little weird. He’s just tipsy enough to be talkative and just overtipsy that he can’t keep a conversation on track or quite understand the words I say.

As for the Reunion, I’m not digging this beer. I love the coca nose but the end has a funk to it that I just can’t enjoy.

And there’s nobody to play Magic with. It’s OK. I get to chat with a stranger, I get to chat up the owner of Beermongers and when it’s all over, I get to pick up a Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron, which is absolutely excellent.

I’ll start over again next week, with something equally awesome.

6 thoughts on “Whatever You Say #44”

    1. Less mysterious than it seems; he was really too intoxicated to carry on a conversation that I had the the patience for.

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