Whatever You Say #42

I have come to the Hop Haven because it’s a good waystation to my next destination. I am tired and once again do not have the strength to ask strangers questions.

Fuz is here, so we are going to split a bomber of Primo lager.

It’s a beer. It’s reasonably priced but it’s just there and I get nothing to recommend it.

This is also true of the Haven; there’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s quite bland. No personality, beyond the four -4!- televisions in a joint which is barely big enough  for them. There’s a sports bar crossed with bottle shop thing happening but I’m hard pressed to be pleased about anything. The service was adequate, the selection uninteresting and I just have nothing to recommend or dislike about the place.

Sometimes it’s like that, I guess. I swear, I’m going to get enough sleep this week to last a lifetime.

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