The Slayer of craft beer

I can’t say I really agree with the assessment of Stone Brewing at Decibel but I do like how it mixes two things I love a lot; heavy metal and beer.

I think metalheads ought to be asking for the best beer they can get. Shitty lagers are for people who aren’t into brutal amounts of hops, yeast or malt, which ought to be the same kind of people who are into brutal kinds of bass, guitar, drums and vox.

I don’t think you could get brutal water that was drinkable but if you could, metalheads should drink beer made from it.

Although I have to admit, when stuffed into the subhuman conditions that are indoor heavy metal concerts, a lager might be the best thing to keep you from getting dehydrated.

2 thoughts on “The Slayer of craft beer”

  1. I do a regular beer and metal column in Decibel magazine and I also have been doing some regular posts on their blog.

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