The labeling thing

This article, sent to me by my Dad, reminded me of the not-too-long-ago dustup over Upright brewing’s Four Play labels.

And all I can think of is how wrong everyone gets the response to suggestions that your labels are pushing the boundary. Becoming indignant over someone having an issue with your sense of humor won’t ever win people over to your cause, excepting people who are already in your camp.

Because there are a whole groups of people who have been or are marginalized for one reason or another and maybe, just maybe, they aren’t in on your joke. If they aren’t in on your joke, then it feels like you’re picking on them and I have to ask; how is doing that incorporating those people into your philosophy of sharing the drink you made?

Or from a  purely capitalist standpoint; how is that enriching your customer base, beyond short term scandal notes that won’t help your business survive long term?

I don’t think the labels should be changed mostly because I don’t really care. These things aren’t designed to encourage ire from me and as someone who likes beer, not packaging, I tend to ignore such things.

There is something to be said for growing a thicker skin. Absolutely. People should be used to the idea that not everyone thinks or acts the same and I don’t believe that one group having some fun should suddenly be forced to take their ball off the field and sit in the box because some overly sensitive mook cried foul. There is a point where the correct response is; Lighten up, Francis.

But I submit for your consideration that responding with; Hey, we’re just kidding around and here’s the explanation for it, or; Look, it’s a joke and while we admit it’s risque it’s all meant in fun, or even just acknowledging that some people are unfairly pushed aside-usually women, when it comes to beer and brewing-and maybe your joke wasn’t as funny to complete strangers as it is to someone who knows you, is frequently better than “Screw you candy asses who can’t take a joke.”

Not always. Just usually.


6 thoughts on “The labeling thing”

    1. And I totally get why some people might be offended by that. But-and I wish I’d mentioned this in the OG post-making a big deal out of teenage level shit like that just gives them attention, whereas ignoring it means they’re getting about what they ought to get.

      The only question I have is; are those dogs good?

      1. I went once and the dog was good overall but it really needed to be hotter. They had only been open for business a short while and I got the impression they weren’t really ready to go that morning; it was 11:10 and they open at 11. I should try it again, but it is kind of spendy. They do sell beer, so if you were to go for lunch, have a beer, and tip I would expect to pay $15 or more.

      2. Not terribly surprised. Frequently these kinds of ‘outrage’ signs are gimmicks for less than awesome food/drink.

  1. Hey there- I work with Pyramid Breweries and want to invite you to a beer event next week. What’s the best way to contact you directly? Thanks, Allison Conte

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