Whatever You Say #36

boneyard IPA“It’s been awhile,” Scott says, pouring me a Boneyard Notorious IPA.

Yeah, I nod a touch ruefully. It is not my intention to not be here but sometimes the universe keeps me from doing all I want to do. Like posting all last week, say.

So I arrive at Bailey’s again, this time all of the instruments of my office in tow; pens and paper, laptop, camera, outboard brain.  I want to bring all these things because I am a writer, damnit. My tools of office matter; they are how I execute my will upon Mondays.

And it’s actually been long enough that the place has changed.

Which feels a little weird. The change isn’t a bad one–rather it’s as remarkably smart insertion of tables along the back wall, just large enough for two people to share time, space, drinks, small enough that you can get cozy and even one very solitary table for one. I actually feel I ought to be sitting there, since it’s almost a space reserved for someone like me. Plus, Scott the bartender shows off for me, the tables collapse so there will be more space when the festivals come.

I feel a twinge. I will not be able to make the 4th Anniversary.

The man I got my drink selection from was with a girl; they had the posture of familiarity; likely friends or a settled couple. He wanders off with his lass and I leave him be. I feel like I’m having to restart, after so many weeks in bars where the scene is odd, the people are gently wary of strangers, or I flat out am irritated by the patrons. I sip my beer and square my shoulders, align my spine, gird my loins; I’ve still got a few more strange and foreign places to visit before this theme is done.

Still, sometimes you have to touch base and gather your strength, and Bailey’s has always been a good place to do that.

The Boneyard IPA is very strong-12%-and pretty intense. More of a grapefruit bitterness at the end, which just feels unusual for an Imperial IPA-it’s usually pine flavors that I tend to notice. That might just be me but if you’re reading this, you’re reading it in part for me so…standard authorship disclaimers apply.

However I’m not certain I like this beer. It’s alright but after my glass, do I want another? I’m not so sure. Thing is, I’m going to have another of something, I just don’t know what. I’m just hoping it won’t be one of these, I guess…

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