Citra IPA

Citra IPA

I’m pleased to say that this is pretty damn good. It’s fairly clear for a homebrew, especially one of mine. The nose has a wonderful citrus quality, somewhere between orange and lemon, courtesy of just-over-a-week’s worth of dry hopping with a notable but not overpowering bitterness on the end. The bitterness coats though; I can feel some of the oils on my tongue so I suspect after 3 or 4, you might notice a bit more.

Of course by then; Who cares?

I’ll get the recipe up on Friday. Need to drink more to better evaluate this beer and I’m sure you all understand.

10 thoughts on “Citra IPA”

      1. Excellent… I’ve an IPA I need to bottle this weekend. Hopefully I can nail the carbonation as well.

    1. I’ll have to check my notes, but I believe I added .5 tsp of yeast to my simple syrup for bottling. I don’t know if that info helps much but I hope it tells you something.

  1. Brewed a Citra IPA a few months ago. I love them myself, but I have met quite a few brewers that absolutley HATE them. I think they are great dry hopped in the keg! I will defintily use them again. Check out my homebrewing blog :

    1. I have to say, this batch with Citra dry hopping came out so well that I just don’t know why someone wouldn’t consider them.

      I’ll check out your blog; thanks!

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