Too much of a good thing

Is too much. As you can see, here:

It’s not a bad beer. Off a little by being too Belgian-flavored-hints of clove and a touch sweet. There’s a sweetness in the nose that doesn’t ride through the beer but definitely indicates that something is wrong. The finish is really, really spicy though; to the point where I would not want this beer with something like nachos.

Every beer should go with nachos.

Well, ok; almost every beer. Since the plan here was to make an brown ale with chai tea but I didn’t get the kind of roasted flavors I was shooting for, I think the chai and the overactive yeast have made this a beer that goes with very limited amounts of food.

In addition, as you can see from the picture, the head on this beer is pretty much out of control. I have to pour the beer very. slowly. in order to get a drinkable glass and even then it helps if I give the beer a couple minutes to settle. Which I can do-but I generally don’t.

I also believe I pitched the yeast when the wort was a little hot. The impact of this particular error has me double checking my thermometer so I can get more accurate temperatures and pitch my yeast when I’m supposed to.

Recipe as follows:

Steeping grains:
3 oz Cafka Special 2
8 oz Special B
8 oz Chocolate
13 oz Crystal 40

7 lb LME
2 lb dry malt extract

1 oz Centennial @ 60
.75 oz Cascade @ 15
3 oz Chai tea @ 10

East Coast Ale from White Labs, WLP008

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