So I went to Columbia River Brewing

It was a business thing and I thought; Perfect. This solves problems for me because I always want to get to new(er) spots and there’s just so many places to go that sometimes, new things can get lost in the shuffle.

irish red aleThe pluses: the Irish Red ale was 100% solid. A fine demonstration of what you can do with a workhorse level brew like that. Bright, a nice malty nose, very quaffable brew that encouraged multiple pints. The people with me agreed; it was a fine ale.

The minuses: apparently Columbia River’s computers went down and they had to start taking orders by hand. There were delays due to technological failure. Completely understandable if your customers know what’s going on.

But we didn’t and for far too long; members of our table went thirty minutes without being approached for an order and that really puts a negative spin on things. Later, members of my table had to petition staff on the status of their food. Again, this just makes people irate.

Communicate with your customers. They will (frequently) be pretty understanding. Nobody has to put up with anyone being a dick (see also: non-understanding assholes) but people who know the whole story are more likely to be forgiving of the occasional hiccups in the business.

The question mark: the IPA. It was cloudy, looking more like an hefe than an IPA. Hypothesises were raised in order to figure out this anomaly; pushing the beer too quickly through and the kind of yeast used were both given weight. I didn’t drink it but when it came time to order another beer, people ended up going for the Irish Red ale.

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