The alt

Despite everything else going on, I actually do brew beer, too.

Don’t get me wrong; I like talking about where I’ve been and what I’ve drank, I like reviewing and sampling and it is always nice to have other news organizations or blogs give me something to write about.

But I also brew and now’s the time on APfD when I get to talk about  how that’s been going.

Pretty good, actually. We’ll start with this alt I made:

See that, up there at the top baby? That there is foam.

It isn’t much but damnit, the beer is carbonated.

Um…no, actually, I don’t remember exactly how it tasted. I drank it all before this post and was just so excited the beer was properly carbonated that I pretty much forgot everything else. Still; it was good beer and the recipe is as follows:
Steeping malts:
.25 lb Crystal 60
1 lb Pils malt
.25 lb Karafa II

6.5 lb LME
1 lb pils malt dry

.5 oz Northern Brewer @ 60

reused Wyeast 1056



Final gravity:

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