I’m about to head out for a few days-likely no Friday post and so in order to make my life easier, we have a selection of news-ish links sent to me by other people (though mostly my Dad) that you can read and I will attempt to have pithy comments on.

From Esquire the weirdest beers you may want to drink.

The thing about articles like these is that they really don’t take the art and science of making really strange beers very seriously. It’s more like a gawpfest. For anyone who takes their food and drink semi-seriously, I find it hard to imagine the response is more than ‘that’s cute but not impressive.’

PS: if you’re writing for a national magazine, phrases like ‘The, uh, feces beer’ are shit and you should be knuckle-rapped for using them.

While this article from the Sun Journal has a long intro that won’t really tell many readers of this blog anything they don’t know about beer history, it does have some recipes at the end. I think eventually, I may have to incorporate some eats into this blog but that’s something for a later day.

Finally, there’s a story from the Star Tribune that wants to give an overview of craft brewing at large while using local examples to show how popular homebrewing has become. I don’t have much to say about it, except that it seems like a pretty solid article that, if I lived in Minneapolis, would give me some places to start shopping for good beer.

2 thoughts on “Novelties”

  1. Also on the Esquire article: “dank, citrusy Pacific Northwest hops” as a descriptive for a shampoo made from a stout?

    Um…let be be a bit beer precious here. No.

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