Whatever You Say #24

The plan-such as I ever plan these things-was to go to Deschutes for the blog, then move to Bailey’s for the afterparty.

But I got to Deschutes between 7:30-8 and the spot was packed. You can’t have a conversation with someone if you can’t even stand nearby without getting in the way of everyone else. So let’s push this for another time and just go to Bailey’s right?

Jolly Pumpkin Sour StoutI walk in and see into a man that seems familiar at the bar; I don’t want to presume I know him but I feel like I might so I’ve got that awkward phase of ‘what do I do here? Risk being a fool or just go all out? He’s alone so what the hell: ask him what he’s drinking. He tells me it’s Jolly Pumpkin’s Madrugada and that I’ll probably have something good to write about it.

Wait a minute…

Turns out, I know him and asked him what he was drinking a couple months ago! Awesome to see Kevin and I drink this in his honor. I get to ask him a few questions and it turns out he’d gotten the Jolly Pumpkin in part because he’s from Michigan, which JP operates out of. But it’s also a pretty interesting beer; a sour imperial stout and he’s the kind of guy who’s looking for interesting beers (otherwise, why go to Bailey’s?) The flavors are pretty good up until the very end, when I get a coffee dregs bitterness that conflicts pretty badly with the sour notes at the end and the sweeter notes in the middle.

It’s a good, mellow night at Bailey’s with plenty of space for people to have conversations and the chill of winter is truly abated; outside, despite lacking greenery, just feels warmer. Spring is here and somehow things just feel warmer, just looking through the windows, the grip of cold that winter had over the city has slipped away.

In the meantime, I talk Magic strategy with a friend who’s come along and I let myself get wrapped up in geekery and sip my beer.

Kevin suddenly has to head out; I didn’t get a chance to ask him how he was beyond our initial meeting and I’m sorry I didn’t. I was hoping to chat when I went to get my second beer but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen, unfortunately. Life’s like that sometimes but I’m happy to run into him because that means that I may run into him again and be able to sit down and talk. Being able to make time for friendly faces is one of the things that is best in life.

Now that I’ve had what’s been recommended, I’m going to have some things that I want. It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’d like to treat myself. Cheers!

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