The Red Ale-Feedback

red aleThis photo was taken a bit late in the beer’s development. There’s a bit more effervescence shown than most of the beers I opened from this batch. For some reason, I seem to have trouble getting my beer to be carbonated unless it spends two months in the bottle. That just can’t  be right.

That aside, this is fairly malty brew and it’s pretty tasty if it’s carbonated. If it’s not carbonated, as most of it was, it’s too sweet. Drinkable but not extremely enjoyable. But that’s just my opinion. Check out what Fuz has to say. Which, if he hasn’t posted yet, ought to be enough to guilt him into getting his post up.

Made on 12.24.10

Steeping grains:
.75 lb C120
.75 lb Simpsons Golden Promise

7 lb LME

.5 oz Amarillo @ 60
.5 oz Tettanger @ 60
1 oz Mt Hood @ 30
.5 oz Mt Hood@ 15
.5 oz Tettanger @ 15

White Labs 862, second use

Original Gravity: 1.064

Final Gravity: 1.022

Terminal Gravity: 1.029

Bottled 1.20.11

ABV: 5.44%

I don’t want to sound too cliche about it, but if getting some free homebrew and writing about it sounds like your thing and you live close enough to Portland that we can meet in person, let me know and maybe we can work something out.

4 thoughts on “The Red Ale-Feedback”

  1. Oh, it’s not a matter of not feeling guilt. It’s a matter of too much work, too little time.

    But I shall have a window tomorrow, something that I keep thinking I’ll have, and yet keep missing.

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