Sink the Bismark taste

Somebody got to have some Sink the Bismark. And then write about it. It is clearly a hard life.

I always tend to wonder (during these stories) what the point of making, say 100% ABV beer is. Because that’s where this is going. We’ll all have eyedroppers of alcohol and wonder what those crazy people who talk about ‘pints’ are thinking.

That said, sometimes you just gotta be crazy. And healthy competition is a way better reason to innovate than a need to kill people (or sink a huge boat, as necessary as it was.) So why not?

Also, a report on canned beer. I’m not sure that ‘best’ is really the word to use in a subjective Universe of beer drinking but what the hell, it gives me something else to link to AND a way to lead into Friday’s article.

2 thoughts on “Sink the Bismark taste”

    1. Oh yeah, it’s good stuff. Their IPA isn’t bad either but the porter is clearly the flagship.

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