Whatever You Say #21

I was driving in the neighborhood a few weeks ago when I saw Breakside Brewery and remembered posts at the New School about it. ‘I need to go there,” I thought.

Then last week I saw a post at It’s Pub Night about the place and I figured that was a sign. Time to get out there and see what they got.

The fellow I ask is typing away on his smartphone, sitting next to a friend/sweetheart who is also typing on her smartphone. Modern romance?

He’s having the house IPA. I am too-though I have to wait a brief moment while the keg gets changed. IPAs are still popular all around the city, I suppose.

I slip in at the bar and try to get a measure of the place. I don’t know why but it feels a little chilly in here. Probably just me but I almost feel like I’d come back in the summer and find the place very comfortable.

I love the bar though; there’s a wood frame around what appears to be a series of old steel plates forming the surface -I can see the welds in spots- that’s been smoothed over and coated with something transparent so you can still see the years of wear on the metal. I’m not sure if this is recycled or has been weathered to look this way but I dig it a lot.

The rest of the space gives me a vibe that stops just short of hipsterism. It’s a nice place but like so many nice places in Portland, nobody is insisting that you conform to an elegance or acting as though they’re too good to be here. I have a feeling that this place can get amusingly racous on the weekends or annoyingly loud and I’m not sure what would push it one way or another.

breakside ipa

Sitting at the bar though, I get to watch the staff interact a bit and I’m leaning towards amusing because they seem to be an easygoing bunch.

The IPA is a good one; milder than the usual and with a pleasant orange blossom/citrus nose/bitterness. The bitterness sneaks up too, and a little over halfway through my glass I’m noting a very pronounced bite to the brew. Good in small doses for those who don’t like the bite, good in larger ones for those who do.

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