Whatever You Say #18

Check this out:


In some ways, this is really all you need to know about Roscoe’s, which I mean in the most benevolent way possible.

It’s a neighborhood joint that wants to have beer tastings and meet the brewer nights. It wants to play the Metallica and Pantera and Iron Maiden you loved as a teenager but give you the beer you were denied. The good stuff.

I am walking in with a friend tonight and part of me is suddenly cognizant (which is a more awesome word than aware will ever be because there’s a ‘z’ in it) that the beer that I’m picking isn’t just for me. When I have to play roulette for myself, I don’t care if I get a drink that’s less awesome because it’s just one drink. Compelling that choice on someone else suddenly seems unfair, because the most obvious person to ask has a PBR in front of her.

So I put the screws to it, step aside and ask another man what’s in his glass. Turns out, it’s Bear Republic‘s Wee Heavy, the Heritage Ale.

Talk about the gamble paying off! This beer is just excellent. Malty and chocolatey, no sense of alcohol, light on the tongue and just all around delicious, I cannot complain about the selection for tonight.

So we settle into a table and begin to chat away. Discussions of economics and enlightenment, the mindset of starvation as a youth, the attempt to appreciate bounty as an older person, money vs debt; basically bar talk with purpose. Yeah, yeah, I could give you specifics but then I’d be telling you about me and that really isn’t the point.

It’s all taking place under a reasonably well lit pub with good beer and enough TVs to be useful but not so many that you can’t ignore them if you want. I think I have to come back here-and I certainly have to recommend the pub to anyone who lives in the neighborhood.

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