I’ll Have Whatever You Say #17

I have come to the Horse Brass-like so many beer aficionados- in order to celebrate the life of Don Younger who died yesterday. The man next to me had a Diamond Knot IPA that he didn’t want to endorse, recommending the Blind Pig IPA from Russian River and I went with that.

Of course, they’re out of that beer and at this point I don’t want to disturb anyone else, so I select the Bruce Lee porter from Prodigal Son and go with it.

bruce lee porterIt’s a pretty solid brew with a great coffee hinting at chocolate flavor and a light mouthfeel that makes the drinking easy.

I didn’t know Mr. Younger personally (it was hard to come to the Brass and not see him, though) but he was well known and generally beloved in the local brewing and beer loving community. If the logos on people’s clothes are any indication, his presence spread throughout Oregon. Pretty cool, for a man that, as far as I know, just owned a pub that served great beer…and was probably one of, if not the first to bring great beers to Portland almost 40 years ago.

No big deal.

The pub is lively with lovers of beer from across the spectrum of Portlanders. Punks and professionals, young and old, all just here to remember (in any manner they choose) someone who, by most accounts, was pretty cool. They seem to be doing it with smiles, stories and ale.

I can’t think of a better way to remember someone, offhand.

4 thoughts on “I’ll Have Whatever You Say #17”

    1. They seemed to be holding up alright-but it was pretty clear to me that they were a little strained and I doubt it was just from the large volume of customers.

      Thinking about it, I may not have given the Bruce Lee enough credit. I’ll confess to being a little distracted myself while writing this post and probably didn’t give the porter enough attention as I should have. I’d certainly order it again, though maybe on a more mild evening. It was pretty cold last night and for some reason I was not in the mood for a porter.

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