Boulder Dam II

boulder dam samplesIt’s been a few years since I’ve been to Boulder Dam Brewing but while in Nevada I felt it would be good to avail myself of their wares again. Check out how things have changed since I was there last. Notes are from my Outboard Brain with some editing to make them more readable, the asides are my comments a few weeks after the fact.

Block 16 Honey brown
Whoa the sickly sweet cherry flavor. Really sends this beer into a tailspin.
/aside: something really felt like it didn’t belong in this beer. I’d accept a cherry brown if that was the intent but I’m not sure that was the idea. The honey may have been responsible for this, depending on what kind of honey they were using.

Powder Monkey pils
Soapy smell and the clarity really really off. It looks more like a hef and the hef looks more like the pils.

Hell’s Hole hef
I keep searching for the wheat density, clove or banana notes and get none.
So far its 0-3 and I’m glad samplers exist.
/aside: this beer just felt thin and by now I was looking for positives because I didn’t want to just slag my whole selection

High Scaler IPA
The cascade hop nose is SO promising and then the finish is dirty. I mean that in a I just got a got a mouthful while sliding into second, way.

Aggregate amber
“This is the most boring beer I’ve ever had,” the girlfriend said.
/aside: I would’ve stopped here with my description if I could’ve but things were discussed afterward that I feel contribute to my reader’s awareness of these beers.
The mouthfeel is thin and I wonder if it’s the water, which I’m told us hard.
Similar aftertaste as the ipa.

Ironwood stout
Not bad and it had the richest mouthfeel of the group. However I’m wondering if the dark malts are covering up the inherent difficulties in brewing here.  It’s not great but if I had to have a 2nd pint this is what I’d choose.
So it looks like things really haven’t gotten better. It’s fairly likely that there are challenges to brewing in Nevada that I’m just unaware of, although considering it’s a desert it wouldn’t surprise me. There are water and soil issues, not to mention importing product, that just has to affect the end result. Still, I’m glad that local brewing is at least being attempted.

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