One successful brown

I prefer to have a photo of the brew I’m talking about for these posts. Even if it’s not a great photo (and given my skills, they really aren’t) a visual reference is frequently helpful to everyone. Unfortunately, this beer got drank. Fast. But I’m pleased to say it was a damn good one; easy to drink, alcohol low enough that you could have a few if you wanted but plenty of flavor to it.

If there was a complaint, it’s that the beer might have been a little overcarbonated for the style but all in all, I think it’s a batch I can be proud of.

Brew Date: 11.7.10

Steeping Malts
6 oz Chocolate
5 oz victory
5 oz C40
2 oz Black

5 lb LME

7/8th oz Willamette @ 60
.5 oz Columbia @ 30
.5oz Columbia @ 15

Reused Pacman from Alt

OG 1.05
TG 1.016
FG 1.022
ABV: 4.4%
Bottled 12.6

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