There’s still time for a holiday post, right?

There is a Krampus ale! I must find it, although I’ve heard it’s not all that.

Also, this is why everywhere else isn’t as awesome as Portland. I present to you, the beer isle in a major grocery store in Vegas:
beer in  NVSigh. When I turned 90 degrees, there was another beer isle, just as long-and by the barest margin, more appealing.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the battleground. Not the bars, not the homes, but here. Las Vegas; one of the most popular destinations for vacationing in the country and you cannot go into a chain grocery store and find anything beyond this or Sam Adams. (Which, thank goodness I was able to find.) No that all products should be available to everyone but when my choices come to Bud (and it’s variants), Coors  (and friends), and Sam Adams…well, that’s a dry well.

Makes me wonder if there is a thriving homebrew community there. I certainly hope so.

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