New Year’s Eve

Oh man,  not quite two weeks into the new year and I’m slipping on my regular posts. And I promise, I’ll try to get back on track…just as soon as I get back from Nevada, next week. So this is the post I meant to put up on Friday which are the notes of the beer I drank the night of NYE. Super regular updates should start up a week from today. Enjoy!

Eel River‘s Climax Noel
Dry. Nose is queerly sweet. Body doesn’t follow up with that, but it works. A little to dry though. If I could have some chocolate or fruit with this (grapes, pears?) I’d like that. The body isn’t there, which is where this beer skews away form something I want to drink. If it had a little more smoothness, it would be a damn fine brew.

southern tier barleywineSouthern Tier‘s Back Burner
Marvelous. Nose of port and chocolate. Serious malt backbone to hold up a tasty beer with a fine bitterness. Really well done and once again, compliments to ST’s efforts because despite being a 10% beer, this one goes down smoother than the Eel River. As it warms up, the beer gets more caramel notes and is just super tasty.

Pelican‘s Wee Heavy
No nose. Weird. Flavors are…red-wine oriented. It’s really unusual on first sip. It mellows quickly, with a malty heart and maybe just enough hops to prevent the brew from going overboard but no more. This is a beer for salty foods!

hop valley ipaHop Valley Alphadelic IPA
Oh so hoppy and awesome. After the malt focused beers of the night this just stands out so much! Piney nose and a sharp but not overly bitter finish. It’s a NW IPA and it’s quite fine right now.

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