New Year’s pre

The sweetie and I both had the day before New Year’s Eve off, so in an attempt to avoid the craziness that can be New Year’s events (and some of the expense) we went to a movie, stopping off at Bailey’s beforehand for a few drinks. The following is from my Outboard Brain, mildly edited so my shorthand makes sense to normal humans.

ft george north the forth brewFt George North the Forth has candy canes in it, I’m told. That’s about as unusual as I’d expect to get while brewing. No idea what the style is offhand but probably a winter ale since there are candy canes.

Which (and I never thought I’d say this) is a good thing. Lots of spruce in front almost gives it a simple green moment. Not for everyone but I dig.

Boulder Never Summer winter ale on nitro:
Nitro means there is no nose but it’s very smooth. Drawback: it’s a bit bitter in unexpected ways, without any nose or sweetness to balance it out. I like it but would be hesitant to recommend it.

With those, we went to see Waste Land, which I dug on quite a bit.

Next time, what I actually did on New Year’s. (Hint: there was beer.)

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