I’ll Have Whatever You Say #13.b

john's marketPrior to arrival, I hit up John’s Market with the girlfriend to find my selections for dinner. My reasoning is threefold; First, the selection is broad and I don’t get out there much, second, it’s close to where I’m having dinner and third, they sell wine, which the girlfriend wants instead of beer.

I know; she should leave me. But for now our wine-beer compromise has worked.

First up I got 10 Barrel’s Apocalypse IPA. I liked it quite a bit but my host found it acceptable. Maybe I’ve just had so many malty brews lately that the glories of a solid IPA are more attractive. Juxtaposition counts, you know? The Apocalypse was an affordable and tasty beer that was a welcome relief from the overwhelming

Next I brought out the Strong Ale from Fire Mountain. The food was on the table-Lebanese dishes-and it’s possible that this beer was just a touch too strong for the food. Still, it was very malty and a good counterbalance to some of the spicier elements. I really liked the beer so I want to try it again by itself.

I also brought a barleywine from Southern Tier but the evening was getting late, so I didn’t get to try it and Elysian’s Dragontooth Stout, which I foolishly dropped outside, breaking the bottle.

Ah well.

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