I’ve been thinking a bit lately about my homebrews.

I do my best to describe them and convey what I did and if I think I was successful but how can I be a great observer of my own stuff? I mean, you drink enough of it and iocaine powder is tolerable, right? I need someone else to tell me what they think. But with the laws forbidding brewing competitions for the moment, I’m hard pressed to get feedback.

Fortunately, this neatly dovetails with another problem; content for the blog.

I can’t speak for the other bloggers in Portland but I’m frequently challenged to come up with things to say that people will find compelling. Sure, those posts tend to be short but wouldn’t it be a good thing if it could be better?

So here’s what I’m suggesting. If you have an active blog in or close to Portland and like beer, (or if you know me–Fuz, I am speaking to you)contact me if you’d like to review a homebrew I’ve made.

I’ll tell you what the style I was going for is and give you a couple bottles, you write a review and post it on your blog. I’d prefer it if we could coordinate things so on the same day, I’ll post the recipe for the beer on my blog (and I try to post Mon-Wed-Fri), talk a little about making it and then link to your blog where the review is. If you’re up for it, I’d appreciate a link back so people can see how it was made or at least get the recipe.

My hope is that the reviews would be honest but not unkind, which I think is a pretty fair standard. You’d get free beer and some content you don’t have to think about. I’d get some less-biased commentary and maybe some ideas on ways to improve. Perhaps both of us will get some new readers or maybe nothing will happen.

Let me know in the comments if you’re interested and how to get a hold of you. I’ll send an email with Feedback in the title and we’ll go from there.

3 thoughts on “Feedback”

    1. I didn’t, so you’re really the first. I think I’d prefer a blogpost, but if you wanted to write it I’d be happy to credit you and link to your Twitter if you like. However, if you’re uncomfortable with that, I’m sure we can work something out.

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