Out and about again

While in Seattle last, I asked where I should go to meet someone for a pint and I was told to check out Naked City Brewing. Got there right after they opened at four and I’m glad we arrived early. The place didn’t get crowded but a steady stream of customers arrived quickly and I could tell that this was a spot that could get hopping in the evenings.

I tried the Amarillo by Morning and the Pompatus of Love, the former a single hop IPA, the latter a peach saison and I liked them both.

The Amarillo by Morning had the ‘flaw’ that I’d noticed in the singletons I’d made recently; nothing very subtle about the beer. The hops came right up, smacked me in the mouth and said; yeah, I’m alone; whatcha gonna do about it? It was a lighter ale, so I think the hop element was bound to be front and center and there wasn’t much counterbalance to the beer. A good ale but one I wanted some accompaniment with- food would have been fine too- just so I could appreciate any nuances (if any) about the Amarillo by Morning.

The Pompatus of Love was a nice spin on the Saison style. The peach sweetness helped take the edge off the dryness of the beer and I think I would’ve had another, if I hadn’t been in a hurry to try as many beers as I could.

On top of this, it was happy hour-each of us ordered three drinks (though after my first pint I switched to schooners and so did my companions) and one pretzel was ordered but for three people we got out of there for under $25. I’d consider recommending Naked City just because of that-but with tasty beer and some good vittles? I’m going back next time. And you can’t stop me.

On the way home, I met up with Fuz at a Tacoma joint called The Spar. Good place; nice view of the water and the home made chips are just outstanding. Especially with a little garlic sauce.

While there I tried Maritime’s Imperial Pale Ale, and I have to say; I wasn’t enamored. It wasn’t bad but I couldn’t get into it either. It may be that I just wasn’t ready for an imperial before eating lunch. They have a brewery in Seattle proper so I’ll have to swing by and give them a shot.

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