Old is new

I just thought I’d bring your attention to this post at Beervana about the Gratzer style of beer. I don’t have much to say about it, except that it’s cool that in addition to pressing forward, brewers of all stripes are also looking to history to find styles that have disappeared.

Most of the time, things that are lost to history can never really be recreated but I think with food it’s possible to, if not replicate at least approximate close enough the food of long ago. Something inspired the Polish brewers of that time and space to smoke the hell out of those beers and I like that we can enjoy (or at least sample) what they did, even if we may not know the reasons why they did it.

2 thoughts on “Old is new”

  1. I’ve got to imagine that the reason to smoke wheat would have something to do with a) preservation, and b) getting rid of pests.

    In any case, I’m all for historical experiments, not because they’ll tell us what the beer authentically tasted like way back when, but simply because it expands the category of what our palates consider beer (if palates do any considering at all).

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