Singletons 3

simcoe munich aleThe final singleton had Simcoe hops and Light Munich grains for steeping. It’s a pale for all intents and purposes but it didn’t come out as carbonated as I would’ve liked.

Now, the flavors are nice-more citrus oriented and there’s a crisp finish that includes a touch of carbonation. So this leads me to the question; why isn’t it more carbonated?

Actually, let me be more specific (and perhaps nitpicky); it’s not heavily carbonated. This pale is steadily carbonated and down to the last sips there is still some tiny but visible bubbles. It’s challenging to pour this beer with a proper head on it, though. Now I remember is that I had more difficulty capping the bottles than I usually do. I don’t recall why but it seems as though I’ve been having more challenges getting a secure seal as of late. Maybe it’s just a matter of focus.

It is, however, probably the cleanest beer out of the three. I don’t know why precisely but there seems to be less yeast making its way into the pour, so visually it seems clearer. In addition, because the beer finishes so crisply there’s very little aftertaste so it’s a good thirst quencher and goes well with chips.

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