I’ll have whatever you say #7

10 barrel ale10 barrel sinistor black ale is the selection I am drinking tonight. The man who informs me of his choice quietly finishes his fries and slightly turns away from me, reading a woodworking magazine, which is just fine: I am tired and worn out. He’s got rental apps in front of him and don’t know if he’s coming or going but while I’m playing Sherlock to this mans life I don’t quite have it in me to be friendly. A failing tonight.

The hophouse is tiny and despite being empty now it is very easy to imagine it as bustling and upbeat.

The sinistor ale is solid. A nice blend of porter flavors with a hop bitterness twist at the end  instead of coffee. There is also a carbonation at the end that clears everything away and that helps keep the coffee bitterness from lingering.

I am pleasantly undisturbed and I want to come back another day. The prices are fair, the food looks good and there’s a cute woman with glasses and knee high boots serving beer. What more do you want?

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