Outboard Brain

The Outboard Brain is what Warren Ellis uses to describe his smartphone and posts he makes from it. While I don’t have a smartphone, I do have an outboard brain of sorts and here are some of the random beer related thoughts from it. (Note, there will be other Outboard Brain posts in the future.)

Rogues 21 English strong is tasty and malty. It’s weird to get a beer with  no hop presence. There’s no slickness that I might’ve expected.
(I liked this beer and had it at the Green Dragon.)

From a friend’s Barfly bus event:

Speakeasy: ninkasi radiant rough pour = rough finish.
Yukon w/ a twilight ale. Nice. Bear w/ leg in mouth on wall.
Penguin pub w/ kalamath falls drop dead red malty goodness w/ steady effervescence.  Karaoke bar…old coot regs (regulars) are fun. Can’t forget the red plastic cups.
What gets weird is how I am reminded of Spokane with the lit hills. And when I don’t know where I am I am reminded of the secret loves of a city I am still learning.
Pink Feather and a rogue dead guy. Good to have reliables.

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